Level up your team with AI

Level up your
team with AI

  • Build your own AI-powered tools for your workflows
  • Access directly in your favorite apps
  • Share with your team to boost productivity

All without writing a single line of code.

illumitacit can be embedded in ms word with ease.

Supercharge your team with the latest AI

No limits

Build powerful AI tools that can augment any workflow. Turn complex queries into single buttons. Share with your team to allow anyone to harness the power of AI.

No code

Take full control of your AI tools. Empower anyone on your team to refine and perfect for any use case. No coding required.

Use anywhere

Access your AI tools directly from your favorite apps. Never switch windows to use the latest AI. We support Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any web app via browser extensions.


Design, refine, and perfect AI tools to enhance your workflows.



Turn your working AI prompts into tools for your whole team to use. Use complex AI with a single click.



Use our official plugins* to access your AI tools directly in your favorite apps, right where you need it.


* Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge


Invite team members and share your AI tools. Increase productivity by 10x across your whole team.


Simple Pricing

One simple plan with a 30-day free trial.

No tables, no feature gates, no decisions.


$29 per month


20,000 words / month (240,000 words / year when billed annually)

Generate up to 20,000 words with your AI tools every month (or 240,000 words every year). If you need more, add another 20,000 words for $15. Words never expire!

Unlimited Macros

Macros are AI tools that can be embedded in the various apps that we support. Create as many Macros as your team needs.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many users as you need into your Organization. Share your Macros to anyone on your team without worrying about user caps.


What is included in the free trial?

During the free trial, you will get access to all features, but have the following limits:


  • 100 Macros
  • 100 Users
  • 10,000 Words
  • (to use over the course of the Free Trial)


If you wish to get additional Macros, Users, or Words, you must upgrade to a paid plan.

Will I be charged when the 30-day trial is up?

No. We don’t ask for a credit card to try IllumiTacit, so we can’t charge you until you decide you want to become a customer.

What is a Word?

A word is a single word separated by whitespace in the generated content returned by AI. For example, if you ask the AI “What color is the sky?” and it returns “The sky is blue”, that counts as 4 words.

Do words expire?

Words never expire! Any unused words in your account at the end of every billing cycle will automatically roll over to the next month or year.

What is a Macro?

A Macro is a single tool that accomplishes a text based generation task. There are two different kinds of Macros:

LLM-based and Generated Function.


LLM-based Macros rely on an LLM (Large Language Model, the technology powering ChatGPT, like GPT-4) to complete the task. These Macros contain optimized prompt templates that get combined with input text at execution time to be sent to the AI engine to receive a response. For example, you may create a summarize macro that asks the AI engine to generate a summary and provides the input text to be summarized.


Generated Function Macros on the other hand, use an LLM to generate a computer program (“function”) that can run without the use of an LLM or AI. These functions then run on our servers without relying on third-party providers to accomplish the text generation task.

Is it really unlimited users and macros?

Yes. You may create as many macros or invite as many users as you need. To prevent abuse, new accounts have an initial limit of 100 macros and 100 users. You can increase the cap at any time free of charge by contacting support.

What if 20k words is not enough?

You can add more words to your account at the price of $15 for every 20,000 words at any point from the account settings page.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings page, no questions asked.

What happens to my data when I cancel?

When you cancel your subscription (or your free trial is up), your account will remain active until the end of your billing cycle. When you reach the end of your cycle, your account will be transitioned to a limited access tier where you will lose access to your content (Macros, Experiments, etc). We retain the data so that you can pick up where you left off if you choose to resume your subscription at a later point.


Words remaining in your account will also be retained and be available for use if you choose to resubscribe at a later date. However, words do not have any monetary value, and are non-refundable. We will not honor any requests to exchange the words remaining for a monetary refund. Refer to our terms of service for more details.


You may also request to have your data be deleted (“right to be forgotten”) at the time of cancellation and we will delete the data from our servers at the point of cancellation, under our terms of service.

What is your data retention policy? Do you keep the data for training purposes?

We do not use your data for any internal training purposes. Only content that you use for building Macros are retained on our servers. This data is only used to provide the intended service of AI prompt generation, and is only accessed by our team for exceptional circumstances that require access to provide support, and only at your permission.


All input data provided at the time of executing Macros (e.g., when you click an AI action button in Microsoft Word) flows through our servers without being stored. However, our AI service providers may retain the data as part of their service terms. For example, OpenAI may retain your data for up to 30 days for abuse detection purposes, but will not retain the data for improving their models since we are using their API (see their API data usage policy).


Refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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