Optimize how your team uses AI

Want to leverage the latest AI in your team, but looking for ways to control how your team uses it? IllumiTacit is optimized for managing AI usage across your organization through its sharing and Macro templating features. Choose how and where your team uses AI!

Building blocks for your team

The accuracy problem

The latest AI is known to achieve impressive results. However, its excessive tendency to confidently make things up has led to disastrous results for its users. With the accessibility of the AI through platforms like ChatGPT, organizations are facing a problem where their team are using AI in ways that are dangerous to their business operations. On the other hand, the potential of huge gains in productivity makes it difficult for organizations to accept an outright ban of the technology. The key is to leverage the AI only on the classes of problems where it excels at.

Fixing bugs in a program

How IllumiTacit helps your team optimize their usage of AI

Ensure your team only uses AI for the purposes where it excels at

Control your team's usage

IllumiTacit's Macros allows your team to choose which tasks can use AI. Each Macro represents a single optimized prompt that solves a problem for your team. By restricting your team to only use AI through Macros, you can control how your team leverages AI.

Endless possibility

Macros can limit how your team uses AI, but it does not limit the power of the AI. You can customize the underlying prompts used by the Macros extensively. You can customize all aspects of the AI prompt, including the system instructions for the AI and all messages that the AI has already exchanged in a conversation. You are also not limited to a single input: you can collect as much input as you need from your users to customize the prompt.

Use anywhere

All the shared Macros are accessible to your team in any app that your team uses through the extensive range of IllumiTacit plugins. Use the Macros in a Microsoft Word document, a Google Doc, or any web app.

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