Protect your privacy while using AI

Want to use the latest AI, but concerned about your data being used to train other AI? IllumiTacit takes all the steps necessary to ensure your data is only ever used for you. We won't keep your data and we'll make sure no AI model does either!

Your private data

The danger of the training data business model

Many AI companies use customer data to train their AI to use for other customers, and thus have every incentive to retain as much data from their users as possible. This is a huge privacy concern for AI technologies like ChatGPT, which is known to regurgitate portions of their training data verbatim. The last thing anyone wants is for their proprietary data to be used to train an AI model that their competitors can use later.

Collecting your private data

How IllumiTacit protects your data

We don't use your data to train other AI

Privacy Concerned Business Model

IllumiTacit's business model does not depend on your data. We do not need your data for training or to provide our services to you. This means that your data is only used in transit to provide our product's AI services. The data is never retained or used for training. You can read more details in our privacy policy.

Opt Out By Default

IllumiTacit opts out of all data retention policies from our third-party AI service providers. This ensures that our providers are only using your data to provide the service and not for training their models.

Control your data

You maintain control of all the data that is related to your Org. You are free to modify and delete anything that is stored in your account. This includes all past Experiment sessions and Macros in your account.

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